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What did you do in the lockdown, Daddy?
The fourth lockdown was the second worst
The Nationals are scum
A retrospective
Scott Morrison’s Australia is fucking embarrassing
Cringey as
Immigration Minister Alex Hawke has the power to return the Murugappan family to Biloela but not the balls
In the week since I last ranted at you, there have been developments in the saga of the Murugappan family’s
We have two legal systems in Australia, and unless you’re powerful or obscenely rich you get the bad one
Cops for the poor, ombudsman for the rich
Stop asking the Morrison Government to give a fuck. They don’t.
If a deathly ill child doesn't tug the heartstrings, there are no heartstrings to tug
Australia’s welfare system is ridiculously cruel, except to decrepit anuses like Gerry Harvey
Individuals on welfare can’t be trusted, but assholes like Gerry Harvey can, apparently
Correction regarding Andrew Laming
We appreciate the feedback
Why has Victoria had to endure so much psychopathic commentary during the pandemic?
It's all a bit unhinged
Alan Tudge and the LNP continue to despise public schools and teachers
The Education Minister denies public education funding is inadequate, declares teachers need to pull their socks up