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Getting out of lockdown (for the fifth time) isn’t the same without you, Sydney
Can't believe I'm saying this
‘Why aren’t young Aussies optimistic?’ ask politicians in country where young people can’t get vaccines, houses, or hope about climate change
Why should we waste hope on a broken system
How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. We need to do the same thing with climate change
People need more than a montage of doom and fear
Channel 7 is a race-baiting horror factory
I won't be taking questions
Alan Jones seems to want us to die of Covid. I want him to die of anything
Like Sister Act 2, Alan Jones is back in the habit. The habit of being a shitdick. For a while
Victoria’s Lockdown 5.0: Pretty Fast, Pretty Fucking Furious
I’m not saying the Coalition is corrupt, but I’m not *not* saying that either
Coincidences are crazy
Is the Murdoch-Morrison Government actively trying to kill everyone?
Or is it just endless incompetence?
As of today, the Liberal Party has again made medical care more expensive
Happy Financial New Year!