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Burger King releases ad featuring their mascot making out with Ronald McDonald to celebrate gay pride
No we are not making this up
Hey America, here’s how your fires are going to play out
So your country's on fire
Australia, we need to talk about America
What has the empire done for us
Trump says jobs report makes it a “great day” for George Floyd, who was recently murdered by police
"A great day for our country. A great day for him."
Riot police chase priest away from church for Trump’s bible photoshoot
The rector has spoken out against the President
Peter Dutton joins Pauline Hanson in demanding borders be reopened
Start your boat engines
US Government workers warned not to give passwords to hackers in exchange for fast food
The burger-based attacks are reportedly state-sponsored
4 in 5 parents agree teachers deserve pay rise after trying to homeschool kids
"Please take my monster back"
World famous psychic forced to cancel tour due to unforeseen circumstances
He should have seen this coming
Biden’s electoral campaign derailed by aggresive goose
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