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World famous psychic forced to cancel tour due to unforeseen circumstances
He should have seen this coming
Biden’s electoral campaign derailed by aggresive goose
Nebraska woman sues all gay people
Yes, even Stephen Fry
Inventor patents facemask with mouth hole so you can eat through it
What could go wrong
Queensland murder investigation called off after body discovered to be sex doll
Jack the ripper takes on a different meaning
1 in 5 young people think Bill Gates is to blame for COVID-19
We're doomed
Tesla adds update to make cars noisier
Are you tired of your $94,000 electric car not sounding like a $30,000 Toyota? Well worry no more because now
Elon Musk and Grimes clarify their child’s name X Æ A-12 is not pronounced ‘Josh’
Not to be confused with the brand of hovercraft by the same name
Black Mirror put on hold indefinitely as the world is now too much like Black Mirror
Things really are that bad
Eric Trump claims COVID-19 will dissapear if Democrats win election
Apparently he wants the Democrats to win