Australian housing is a cartel, and it’s time to break it up
As I stood waiting for my $4 coffee in a trendy inner city café today, I couldn’t help but notice
Renting in Australia is a feudalistic hellscape that has the same vibes as pre-revolutionary France
We need to do something about it
Ten ways the government can make a bit of extra cash on the side, if it really wants to
Here are some ideas that could actually save or make money that don’t involve making poor people even poorer
We need to talk about the rent
A home is not a normal asset. If you get a place to rent and you like it, it becomes your home
2020 can’t get worse? The government is now worried about zombies
Of course they are
US billionaires are $584b richer since the pandemic began and maybe we should eat them?
I dunno, maybe?!
Reno grants require spending more than annual salary during pandemic, recession
LNP manage money good
So… what have billionaires been up to lately?
Unhinged conspiracy nut or Bond villain? Either way, it's time to step up.