“There’s more to do about racist violence” says organisation that ended career of man for saying that

In no other period of human history have the phrases “in these trying times,” “we stand with you” and “15% off bulk custom T-shirt orders!!!” been found within the same email.

Social historians in centuries to come shouldn’t neglect the fact that many of us experienced the pandemic through the filter of, well, our spam filters.

In the wake of yet another black American man murdered by police, the same PR playbook is rolling out again.  Social media managers are firing up InDesign, scrubbing the COVID text, keeping the template in place.

Some, I’m sure, are well intentioned. Many more are tone deaf. Others still are enraging in their gall and hypocrisy.

Take the National Football League (NFL).

A brief ad:

You’re not going crazy. This is the same NFL that conspired to end the career of Colin Kaepernick, a man most famous for PEACEFULLY PROTESTING POLICE BRUTALITY AGAINST BLACK PEOPLE.

Dave Milner

twitter: @DaveMilbo
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