Australia’s welfare system is ridiculously cruel, except to decrepit anuses like Gerry Harvey
Individuals on welfare can’t be trusted, but assholes like Gerry Harvey can, apparently
Milkshake anyone? April was a shambolic mess in Australian politics…
Your monthly wrap in Australian politics
From Café to Coalface: Morrison’s plan is to turn Australians against each other to hold onto power
Make no mistake, the campaign is well and truly underway
How good was March! Your monthly political wrap
It was even worse than it felt
Ugh. The Royal Commission into the neglect of disabled people is… neglecting disabled people
What a surprise!
Morrison’s new $18m ad campaign telling women they’re responsible for policing men’s actions is a dangerous disgrace
How good is gaslighting!
March4Justice has burst onto the scene, but who are they?
“Our politicians are not meeting a standard anyone should find acceptable.”
The sexual assault conviction rate is 0.73%. According to Scott Morrison, that ‘stands up’
From the get go, this Government's response has been designed to reassure men
Is Morrison worried about the fate of Australian liberal democracy or the fate of Australian Liberal’s democracy?
Our judicial system is in no way, shape or form fit for purpose
Morrison’s happy clappy prosperity theology lies at the heart of his JobSeeker cruelty
Morrison sees himself distinctly as the recipients of God’s favour

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