Scott Morrison announced as guest of honour at Parliament’s Women’s Day event

It’s safe to say we at the Chaser offices are glad Newstart has just been given a hike because the government has just put us out of a job. And we might not be the only ones at this rate, with the Prime Minister seemingly now intent on producing a scandal-a-day and presumably only hours away now from eating a raw onion and knighting a Prince.

That’s if he makes it past tomorrow as Prime Minister, following what will no doubt be a complete media circus when the public catch wind that the Prime Minister will be the guest of honour at his own Women’s Day event.

Even at the best of times, the Coalition – which declared proud anti-feminist Tony Abbott ‘Minister For Women’, and which launched a budget claiming road construction funding fell under “supporting women” – has had a bit of a branding image when it comes to not looking like a bunch of out of touch old white men (and we at the Chaser office know a thing about that).

But in a week where the government is still facing daily bombshells from a now whopping four rape allegations by staffers, and where the Prime Minister has already been lambasted for stating that he needed to think of his daughters to process the idea that rape is wrong, well this is possibly the worst bit of public relations ever accomplished by a sitting member of parliament, and that’s saying something for a guy whose nickname includes the word ‘marketing’.

If you want to know how bad things have really gotten for Scott, just know that even the nation’s most rusted on Liberal supporter Alan Jones isn’t defending the Prime Minister this time – taking to Sky News tonight to pose the question whether it’s “credible” that Morrison didn’t know about what happened to Brittany Higgins given that so many of his staff and ministers had been briefed.

This would not be the first Women’s Day scandal for the Prime Minister either, with Morrison having made international headlines back in 2019 when he gave a Women’s Day speech so tonedeaf that he had to then make a second speech pointing out that he’s not a misogynist. He even went so far as to point out that actually “as the father of two daughters” he’s “a champion for women out of direct self interest”. Now where have we heard that old chestnut before?

In any case it’s a good thing the PM got vaccinated this week, because with a crisis this big in the making, we’re sure Scott will be needing a vacation in Hawaii any day now.

Cam Smith

twitter: @cams_myth
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