Trump says coronavirus being “handled”, unclear if he means in the Mafia way where everyone dies
Take the cannoli
Panel of CEO geniuses spent $10 million on a national logo that looks like a golden coronavirus
The TV Week Golden Ronie
PM commits $270b to defence as the unemployed, businesses, unis, and the ABC face crippling cuts
We need to defend our trade routes with China from China
US billionaires are $584b richer since the pandemic began and maybe we should eat them?
I dunno, maybe?!
Government’s “critical” COVIDSafe App hasn’t identified a single case of coronavirus
Pokémon Go get tested instead please
Racist US President retweets supporter shouting “White power” from a fucking golf cart. Seriously.
Fucking golf, man
US government sent nearly $2 billion in coronavirus relief to dead people
Some had died over two years ago!
Convicted racist Andrew Bolt blames “diversity” for Victoria’s COVID-19 spike
Racists gonna racist
Trump cuts funding to coronavirus testing as US reaches two-month infection high
Less testing means fewer cases, as Trump keeps telling us
Lawyers unable to meet and discuss border closures due to border closures
Round and round we go

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