Matthew Guy is a veritable souffle in the sun
When the most common refrain that follows your name is ‘lobster with a mobster’ then you probably shouldn’t campaign on integrity anyway. 
Renting in Australia is a feudalistic hellscape that has the same vibes as pre-revolutionary France
We need to do something about it
BREAKING: Queen still dead
Let Australia’s allegiance to the Crown die with Elizabeth II
18th century Britain would be proud
Australia’s partner visa is an inhumane travesty, and Labor’s all-in with it
Unless you’ve had the audacity to fall in love with a foreigner, you’ve probably not thought about this blatantly racist and classist bit of fuckery
A message from the Governor General – the media is the message
Keep yourself nice. Maintain the status quo. Know your place
The verdict on “Albo’s” first 100 Days
The first 100 Days have been decidedly mixed
Labor’s politics of “meh” – does the end justify the spin?
“Albo’s” twirling-the-scarf-at-a-Sharks-game moment
Fuck Lachlan Murdoch
Mess Minister
Scott Morrison’s awful, bad, not terribly good week

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