4 in 5 parents agree teachers deserve pay rise after trying to homeschool kids

Parents across America have this month suddenly discovered that controlling a room of 20-30 humans who lack brain development while trying to teach them the basics of arithmetic is actually no small feat.

According to a new OnePoll study conducted by educational toy maker Osmo, a whopping 77% of parents now agree that teachers deserve to be paid more than they currently do after being forced to spend just three weeks with their monster children.

What’s more, after just a month of homeschooling, 80% of America’s parents reported they had a newfound respect for teachers, and 69% see teaching as harder than their current job.

This is just the latest in a string of essential public service jobs that have found new recognition since the start of the COVID pandemic, with doctors and nurses working in the chronically underfunded NHS in Britain also receiving praise and adoration for their work from the usual hostile Conservative government. However, despite the public repeatedly being urged to stand out in the street and clap in order to show doctors and nurses their appreciation, the Johnson government’s praise seemed to stop short of an actual payrise, with social care secretary Matt Hancock stating that nurses have already had significant payrises in the past. This news came as surprise to the critical care nurses’ union, who pointed out that over the last ten years the so-called increases in nurses pay haven’t even kept up with inflation.

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