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How to end racism in two easy steps
Look, there is nothing more emotionally exhausting or morally debilitating than the racism that cloaks this country like a blanket soaked in shit. It would be nice if we grew up, stopped pretending it doesn’t exist and finally faced up to it
I met a racist who wasn’t there…
We are being played for suckers, we know it, and yet we can’t resist the lure.  It is of course
Who won the Potato Wars?
We should not get too schadenfreudy about this
America is, surely we all know by now, fucked
Overturning Roe v Wade will tear at America’s fabric more deeply than January 6,
Defamation: a user’s guide (how to tweet and not get sued by a Coalition politician)
Some free tips for staying on the right side of Peter Dutton's lawyers
In defence of Craig Kelly, freedom fighter
What most of us don’t realise, because we’re sheeple, is that we’re being lied to