Comedy group The Chaser suspended by Twitter after impersonating Donald Trump

Australian comedy troupe The Chaser has today been unverified and suspended by Twitter, removing the blue check mark used to identify celebrities and noteworthy individuals, after the group changed their profile to impersonate Donald Trump and urged the public not to vote for him.

“Don’t vote for me, I’m a massive idiot” the tweet claiming to be Donald Trump read, wracking up over 5000 likes and shares before the social network took action.

“We understand why twitter would do this,” said the Chaser’s website editor Cam Smith. “After all, it would not be out of the ordinary for Trump to tweet something so outlandish. If anything this would have been one of his more reasonable tweets, so we could see how people might get mixed up.”

“It’s impressive that twitter only took 20 minutes to unverify our tweet – given it took them almost four years to start fact checking the actual President. I guess that’s to be expected though, we all know comedians words are much more dangerous than those of the guy who controls 50% of the world’s nukes.”

The controversial comedy group is no stranger to trouble involving international politicians. In 2007, members of the group dressed as Osama Bin Laden were arrested outside the hotel of President George W. Bush after driving a fake Canadian motorcade into the APEC conference to demonstrate the futility of the event’s security.

The suspension was clearly predicted by The Chaser, who asked fans to buy tickets to their upcoming livestream show “before we get wiped off the face of the earth.”

Update: The Chaser have requested that the public commemorate their fallen twitter account with a cash donation to their supporter fund.

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