Inventor patents facemask with mouth hole so you can eat through it

Are you sick of not looking like a complete psychopath while out eating at a restaurant with friends during a pandemic? Well worry no more, because Israeli company Avtipus Patents and Inventions has your back with their new “pac-man style facemask” that allows you to enjoy a hearty meal through your PPE while only having to deal with a minor hydraulic system in the process.

The facemask, which opens and closes to allow you to eat and drink while wearing it, is set to go into production next month, with the inventors expecting to charge between $1-$4 per mask, along with the wearer’s dignity. While some might say that allowing the mask to open completely undermines the point of wearing a mask in the first place, it’s still a great asset for anyone frustrated at their inability to cosplay as Sam Eagle while dining at a fancy restaurant.

We can only imagine this is just the first in an exciting new line of completely useless personal protective gear, and look forward to the company’s inevitable ‘fingerless latex gloves’, ‘fishnet bullet proof vest’ and ‘tanning oil sunscreen’.

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