Strip clubs now offering home delivery

With public venues forced to close down across the world, many business owners are being forced to come up with new and inventive ways to ply their trade or to make a quick dollar, and the story is no different for the strip club in Portland Oregon which has recently made headlines for it’s new line of work.

Rebranding from the Lucky Devil Club to Lucky Devil Eats, the local dive has pivoted to at home food delivery, with a side of an erotic dance on your doorstep. The move has allowed the business to keep its employees on the books according to owner Shon Boulden, with the in-bar restaurant continuing to operate and the dancers now providing delivery.

The business has been such a success the club is also now offering a drive through service, with customers able to drive past and offer tips from their window to the facemask wearing dancers while they wait for their meal.

The venue has been clear that there is no nudity involved with the new service, despite the nickname ‘Boober eats’. That is probably a smart move considering the outcry that hit a similar service from a Mexican strip club last month, which sought to have at-home stripping classified as an essential service, a move decried by Mexico’s human rights commission as “fucking ridiculous” or words to that effect.

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