Tesla adds update to make cars noisier

Are you tired of your $94,000 electric car not sounding like a $30,000 Toyota? Well worry no more because now there’s a mod for that.

Telsa owners are now able to install fake exhaust pipes for only a few extra thousand dollars, which will mimic the sound of a car pumping carbon into the atmosphere, in case you were worried driving a Tesla didn’t make you look like enough of a jerk already. The kit is manufactured by UK company Milltek, an exhaust port manufacturer who were clearly looking to the electric future when they came up with this innovative way to keep their business viable in the carbon free future.

They may not have moved fast enough though, with Tesla having already started rolling out their own in-build speaker system in cars to produce noise as a safety feature. The exterior speakers will generate a UFO like hum on all new Teslas driving below 30kms/h with the aim to help alert pedestrians and the visually impaired that there’s a wanker nearby so they can escape before getting stuck in a conversation about fuel economy.

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