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Australia Day is so fucking dumb
And violently racist
What a stupid year
Reflecting on annus stupidus
Why everyone (except me) was wrong about the Victorian election
The Victorian election proves the Herald Sun is a fringe fanzine for extremist whackos
NewsCorp’s Victorian election coverage is divorced from reality
Daniel Andrews will defeat the Opposition, NewsCorp, at the Victorian election
Elon Musk’s stupid decisions have set Twitter (more) on fire
Relatable! The world's richest person does dumb stuff too!
BREAKING: Queen still dead
Let Australia’s allegiance to the Crown die with Elizabeth II
Fuck Lachlan Murdoch
If you think traffic jams are inconvenient wait until you hear about the climate crisis
Solving the climate crisis requires solving the Murdoch crisis
Australian politics is slightly less fucked now
We can be better than this
Australia needs a Labor Government (but they’ll suck a bit too)
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