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Melbourne’s third lockdown was a five-day concentrated dose of 2020’s festering media bullshit
Well that was a bit intense
Sky News is utterly unhinged, extraordinarily dangerous
The missing link between conservatism and conspiracism.
Australia’s bipartisan cruelty is a national disgrace
Australians are better than Australia's leaders
Why does The Australian despise Melburnians so much?
Also, the feeling is mutual
The real plot of this year is important people failing everyone else
And ordinary people kicking butt
The Shot’s 2020 Awards: The Clusterfuckys
What a good year
Melbourne liberated itself from two viruses this year
Kind of
Always remember The Herald Sun was wrong about everything important this year
It's incredibly important that no one important took The Herald Sun's advice this year
What does Scott Morrison do?
Spoiler: the appearance of things
The US election proved how meek Australian media is (also: Scott Morrison is a bit of a dodgy dude)
We are obsessed with false balance to the point that we distort the truth
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