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Disney World reopens as Florida shatters coronavirus record: Mickey Mouse craving blood?
Galaxy's Edge is really, really cool though
Florida “church” raided for selling bleach-based “miracle” coronavirus cure
As Marx famously said, "Religion is the bleach-based miracle cure of the people."
Ayn Rand Institute bailed out by government, irony curve spiking
Atlas Shrugged and said so what
I “pretended” to be the Victorian Liberal leader on Twitter, said I drink my own “wee wee”, and a bunch of people believed me
Wee wee
Billionaire Elon Musk endorses billionaire Kanye West against billionaire Donald Trump for president, democracy a bit fucked
I'm gonna need a nap after this one
Trump says coronavirus being “handled”, unclear if he means in the Mafia way where everyone dies
Take the cannoli
Panel of CEO geniuses spent $10 million on a national logo that looks like a golden coronavirus
The TV Week Golden Ronie
US billionaires are $584b richer since the pandemic began and maybe we should eat them?
I dunno, maybe?!
Racist US President retweets supporter shouting “White power” from a fucking golf cart. Seriously.
Fucking golf, man
Convicted racist Andrew Bolt blames “diversity” for Victoria’s COVID-19 spike
Racists gonna racist
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