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We can be better than this
Australia needs a Labor Government (but they’ll suck a bit too)
Allow yourself to dream, Australia. Morrison may be at his end
It could all be over soon
Election 2022: brain farts, amnesia and moronic scare campaigns
The Herald Sun is behaving extremely Herald Suny this election
Like the climate itself, climate denial is changing
This week, Sussan Ley, the federal environment minister, successfully appealed against a high court ruling that found she had a
The myth of Australia
Rotating fear campaigns during high-anxiety times is a psychopathic thing to do
What a pointless week/Government
Please pat yourself on the back for achieving more than an entire government did this week
Scott Morrison, national trauma trigger
Pando Year Three is off to a flyer
Pandemic Year Two was a waking nightmare, Merry Christmas
God that suckkkkkkkkkked
Australian politics is unequivocally fucked
It’s truly inspiring stuff
The Plan!!
Literally none of us should be expected to take this seriously.
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