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263 days later
May we never need to do that again
Normalising the rot
Australia’s Liberal Party propagandafest hit absurdity this week
Nazis prey on the disenfranchised and angry. So does News Corporation
And there was a bloody earthquake!!
The great forgetting project
When media narratives are this easy to manipulate, accountability is dead
Learning to live alongside Gladys Berejiklian (and Scott Morrison) 
Living with coronavirus and living with the hubris of Gladys Berejiklian are two entirely different things
What is the point of Prime Ministers if they’re like this?
The case for six simultaneous secession movements
Getting out of lockdown (for the fifth time) isn’t the same without you, Sydney
Can't believe I'm saying this
Victoria’s Lockdown 5.0: Pretty Fast, Pretty Fucking Furious
Is the Murdoch-Morrison Government actively trying to kill everyone?
Or is it just endless incompetence?
Scott Morrison’s Australia is fucking embarrassing
Cringey as
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