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Getting out of lockdown (for the fifth time) isn’t the same without you, Sydney
Can't believe I'm saying this
Victoria’s Lockdown 5.0: Pretty Fast, Pretty Fucking Furious
Is the Murdoch-Morrison Government actively trying to kill everyone?
Or is it just endless incompetence?
Scott Morrison’s Australia is fucking embarrassing
Cringey as
Why has Victoria had to endure so much psychopathic commentary during the pandemic?
It's all a bit unhinged
Melbourne should fuck Murdoch off out of town
For democracy and decency
The Morrison Government should help stranded Australians, build quarantine stations, and stop wanking on desks
Seems simple enough
Vaccines… where the bloody hell are ya!?
Jab me please
The brazenness of Australian oligarchy
Democracy was such a good idea
Let’s talk about the dudes, dudes
"Not all dudes!"
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