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Dutton’s nuclear farts highlight the patheticness of Australian news
Deep within Canberra’s soiled halls, where sellouts*, drunks, psychopaths and megalomaniacs roam, strategically weaponised bullshit is conjured up for our
Has the IDF slaughtered enough children to make Israel safe from terrorism yet?
As a young boy I once had to flee a toy store, hurriedly dragged along by my panicked but in
The era of watching on in horror
A few weeks back, in an attempt to locate a source of stress and exhaustion rising in me like a
This is genocide
As the missiles explode and the buildings turn to dust and the children are slaughtered in their thousands, you will
Whatever happens tomorrow, that truly fucking sucked
What is there to say one day out from Australia’s historic referendum on the Voice other than this instance of
Fuck Rupert Murdoch
Most of us have only a limited capacity to ruin the lives of the people in our immediate orbits. We
The ‘No’ campaign’s argument isn’t based on fear – it IS fear
Preambles being all the rage, before we begin I’d like to acknowledge how painfully Australian it is that the Prime
I willingly watched Channel 7 and didn’t even regret it
Deep down, on some fundamental – even spiritual – level, most of us are aware that watching Channel Seven is
During Earth’s hottest year, Murdoch’s climate denial is un-fucking-hinged
Climate denial has always been cretinous, deadly and irresponsible, but today, right here, right now, it requires Morrisonian levels of
Whoever wins, we lose
A world drowning in misinformation, depression, existential isolation, conspiracy cults, wellness circuses, creeping fascism, resurgent white supremacy, and the degradation