General News

Let’s talk about the dudes, dudes
"Not all dudes!"
Scott Morrison, Andrew Bolt and PVO are providing cultural cover for every rapist that ever got away with it
... which is nearly all of them
History can turn on moments like this
“It shouldn’t take having children to have a conscience.”
Morrison’s “dob in a bludger” hotline is yet another cruel assault on our poorest people
More policy driven by ideology instead of evidence
Scott Morrison is a deficient human, morally bereft, and unfit to be Prime Minister
But it probably won't matter
If Australia was a country that cared about women, this government would be gone
This week the country has had my female back.  But I know this will fade
Melbourne’s third lockdown was a five-day concentrated dose of 2020’s festering media bullshit
Well that was a bit intense
Sky News is utterly unhinged, extraordinarily dangerous
The missing link between conservatism and conspiracism.
“Homes first, super second”: unpacking the effectiveness of Liberal Party bullshit
Sure Tim!!!
Australia has stupid discussions about everything
It's the culture war, stupid

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