General News

We can be better than this
Australia needs a Labor Government (but they’ll suck a bit too)
I watched all of Sky After Dark’s election coverage and have some fucking concerns
The future of Sky News is terrifying
Why most politicians have been so shit this election
On many issues, Australians are far more progressive than their representatives
Allow yourself to dream, Australia. Morrison may be at his end
It could all be over soon
Australia’s election: weak in, weak out
Almost there
America is, surely we all know by now, fucked
Overturning Roe v Wade will tear at America’s fabric more deeply than January 6,
Keep your hands off your election, Australia
Is it our democracy or the media's
Election 2022: brain farts, amnesia and moronic scare campaigns
The Herald Sun is behaving extremely Herald Suny this election
Why we fawn in the face of fear
And how to transcend it
Why I can’t be part of this election
It's too personal this time

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