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An immodest proposal from the Publisher of The Shot
So what do we do now
It’s not a game anymore
A decade of sawdust is hard to sweep away in a moment
If our socks are made in terrible prison camps, why shouldn’t our books be, too?
Australia's profligacy on cruelty is a blow to the "business community"
Morrison was never Prime Minister
It's 2019 all over again, but this time around, the Bill Shorten is Scott Morrison
Lachlan is no Rupert
And we need a whole new theory of change to deal with it
How to make the “cost of living” debate less moronic
Well, as it turns out, this election is all about cost of living
Morrison is taking us all out on a date, and we’re totally forgetting what an arsehole he is
We're totally falling for it
We need to talk about the rent
A home is not a normal asset. If you get a place to rent and you like it, it becomes your home
Morrison has given up
There is no greater master at spinning defeat into victory than Scott Morrison
Budget 2021 proves that Morrison is staggeringly out of touch and will also definitely win the next election
It is hard not to be drawn into Morrison’s Grand Fantasy
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