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During Earth’s hottest year, Murdoch’s climate denial is un-fucking-hinged
Climate denial has always been cretinous, deadly and irresponsible, but today, right here, right now, it requires Morrisonian levels of
Whoever wins, we lose
A world drowning in misinformation, depression, existential isolation, conspiracy cults, wellness circuses, creeping fascism, resurgent white supremacy, and the degradation
“The poison in Australia’s bloodstream”
I carry with me the fuzzy cognitive dissonance of a white man educated in a settler colony, an old land
If this is the best we can hope for, why do we even bother?
Just one new coal mine, what’s the big deal
What is the point of Prime Minister Anthony Albanese?
If you’re an Australian adult forty years and younger you have already lived through a pandemic, multiple financial crises, fuck
It’s not a mystery: the Liberal Party is unelectable because it sucks
“No one was expecting this result,” said a stunned David Speers, signing off from his on-the-pulse Aston by-election coverage, utterly
Paul Keating said mean things about me and my stupid newspaper and now I have hurt feelings
The future of The Shot
How to sell out your species while pretending to be the adults in the room
Reasonable compromise along the path to extinction
What a stupid year
Reflecting on annus stupidus
Why everyone (except me) was wrong about the Victorian election
The Victorian election proves the Herald Sun is a fringe fanzine for extremist whackos