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As a white Australian, here’s what Australia Day means to me (fuck all)
Change the date, idiots
Right-wing politics is cancerous to democracy, society, and human life
They keep showing us who they really are. We REALLY need to start listening
Alan Jones seems to want us to die of Covid. I want him to die of anything
Like Sister Act 2, Alan Jones is back in the habit. The habit of being a shitdick. For a while
I’m not saying the Coalition is corrupt, but I’m not *not* saying that either
Coincidences are crazy
The Nationals are scum
A retrospective
We have two legal systems in Australia, and unless you’re powerful or obscenely rich you get the bad one
Cops for the poor, ombudsman for the rich
“Homes first, super second”: unpacking the effectiveness of Liberal Party bullshit
Sure Tim!!!
I can’t believe we have to say this, but Australia should ban Nazis fairly urgently
Big "no duh" moment for this nation
You don’t (only) hate rich people, you hate capitalism
Don't hate the player, hate the game
Extreme Moderates are a threat to our way of life
If you're offered apples on one end of the scale, and poo on the other, the sensible choice does not sit in the "middle"