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Ohio politician says “stop getting tested”, implies coronavirus is a conspiracy
Looks like a stock image, too
San Francisco’s “CAREN act” makes fake racist emergency reports illegal
The CAREN or "Caution Against Racially Exploitative Non-Emergencies" Act
Brazil’s President diagnosed with “hoax”, coronavirus
"To those who criticise me, no problem, carry on criticising as much as you like.”
Dictator Dan too dictatory, not dictatory enough, and now too dictatory again: News Corp
Schroedinger's dictator
Alabama councillor claims students hold coronavirus parties and take bets on who gets sick first
Doesn't sound like a good idea, really
PM commits $270b to defence as the unemployed, businesses, unis, and the ABC face crippling cuts
We need to defend our trade routes with China from China
Government’s “critical” COVIDSafe App hasn’t identified a single case of coronavirus
Pokémon Go get tested instead please
US government sent nearly $2 billion in coronavirus relief to dead people
Some had died over two years ago!
Trump cuts funding to coronavirus testing as US reaches two-month infection high
Less testing means fewer cases, as Trump keeps telling us
Lawyers unable to meet and discuss border closures due to border closures
Round and round we go