Convicted racist Andrew Bolt blames “diversity” for Victoria’s COVID-19 spike

Convicted racist Andrew Bolt has blamed Victoria’s coronavirus spike on multiculturalism, diversity, and immigrants.

In a column entitled “Diversity and Death” published in The Herald Sun on June 24, Bolt wrote: “Check where most new infections are breaking out – in six poor, outer-suburban areas in Melbourne’s north and east. In five, more than a third of residents were born overseas, in countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Iraq, China and Vietnam.

“From what little we’re told by this secretive Labor government, many of the sick are probably from immigrant families.”

In case the race-baiting was too subtle, the online version, to which we won’t link because fuck that shit, carried the subhead: “Victoria’s coronavirus outbreak exposes the stupidity of that multicultural slogan ‘diversity makes us stronger'”.

He hasn’t yet offered an explanation for why Melbourne, a city with a smaller proportion of foreign born residents than Sydney, is suffering more than Sydney at the moment.

Bolt goes on to decry the fact that Victoria’s Health Department has translated coronavirus warnings into 53 languages.

“Doesn’t this demonstrate that Australians are now dangerously disconnected from each other?” he asks racistly, lamenting divisions in society while simultaneously lamenting the attempt to bridge divisions with equal access to information.

Bolt, like much of the Murdoch press, has been a staunch critic of the Victorian Government’s response to coronavirus, with lockdown measures either “overblown” and needlessly strict when he wants to play golf or not strict enough around the Black Lives Matter protests or when immigrants are involved.

Schrödinger’s coronavirus response, if you will.


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