I “pretended” to be the Victorian Liberal leader on Twitter, said I drink my own “wee wee”, and a bunch of people believed me

Look, it’s not my best work. I’ll happily admit that.

But possibly because everyone in Melbourne is descending into a state of delirious, desperate madness, it gained traction. The tweet has been seen by 130,000 people on Twitter, and a whole bunch more as screenshots on ALP meme Facebook pages.

Surprisingly, given the fact I said I drink my own “wee wee” while “posing” as the Opposition Leader, a not insignificant amount of people on Twitter took the tweet as gospel.

Which might suggest the Victorian Liberal leader has a bit of a brand recognition problem – whoever he may be.

(Although I can’t say for sure, I feel relatively confident guessing it’s a “he”, being the Liberal Party and all.)

Like Helen, who called “me” a “bitter and twisted idiot”, citing Daniel Andrews’ 72% approval rating to prove my idiocy.

Or Stanley, who dispensed some solid if cliched advice.

Another Helen (what’s with Helens?) shared some sentiment I can’t help but agree with. We really ought to support each other through this traumatic experience and not play party politics or drink wee wee.

Or John, who correctly (kind of) thinks the tone of my soundbites as leader of the Victorian Liberal Party is unbefitting of an elected official. Preach.

Honestly, Suzanna has a really good point here.

A key difference between the Victorian spike and spikes in the US and UK is that Victoria didn’t prioritise the economy over health. Daniel Andrews did put safety first. The failures are in executing on that plan, not the plan itself.

There’s some comfort in that, and Suzanna should probably tell the Victorian Liberal leader that.

Anyway, I need to run and stock up on toilet paper before the Victorian Liberal leader, whoever he might be, makes a mess of himself drinking wee wee.




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