Scott Morrison: not with a bang, but a whimper
Australia is smaller for having been led by this man
Scott Morrison wants to pretend nothing has changed when everything has
And around grief and trauma, behaviour like that is harmful
Morrison’s vision is not about technology, nor taxes. Just lots and lots of gaslighting.
It takes a village to raze a country, no one man could do it alone. But Scott Morrison is trying
The Nationals are just a bunch of denim-clad coal fondlers pretending to be farmers
This small party of malcontents has gripped Australia’s climate policy by the short and curlies for the last eight years
The Plan!!
Literally none of us should be expected to take this seriously.
NAB force Facebook to pull Chaser post mocking their coal investments
The Chaser's Facebook has been threatened with deletion
263 days later
May we never need to do that again
Normalising the rot
Australia’s Liberal Party propagandafest hit absurdity this week
I’m trying to welcome Dom Perrottet with open arms but holy cow it’s hard
You gotta have faith
What News Corporation’s obsession with Nicki Minaj’s cousin’s friend’s ballsack teaches us about Scott Morrison
How fuckwits in power trick you into helping them by calling them out

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