As a white Australian, here’s what Australia Day means to me (fuck all)
Change the date, idiots
Why does The Australian despise Melburnians so much?
Also, the feeling is mutual
Australia’s media utterly failed autistic people in order to defend Sia
When nobody in positions of power on a filmset have the disability being portrayed, it leads to terrible characters
Trump was a billionaire celebrity President, and then the fucking idiot got greedy
Billionaire celebrity president, no more
The real plot of this year is important people failing everyone else
And ordinary people kicking butt
The Shot’s 2020 Awards: The Clusterfuckys
What a good year
Melbourne liberated itself from two viruses this year
Kind of
Always remember The Herald Sun was wrong about everything important this year
It's incredibly important that no one important took The Herald Sun's advice this year
False balance: how Australia’s media fucked up the NBN
It did not have to be like this
“I’ll handle this one, luv”: Disrespecting a woman to prove you don’t disrespect women
Sheilas, am I right, fellas?!

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