Melbourne is not a city in revolt. The truth is far more incredible (and far more boring)
No one needs to sensationalise what life is really like here
Burger King releases ad featuring their mascot making out with Ronald McDonald to celebrate gay pride
No we are not making this up
Melbourne lockdown: “Dictator Dan” conspiracies, “Iso Fog”, sanity, and the borked passage of time
One of the useful but also messed up traits of being human is we can get used to almost anything.
Hey America, here’s how your fires are going to play out
So your country's on fire
R U OK Melbourne?! Nah, we’re going batshit crazy
People think we’re living in a totalitarian dictatorship. We’re not, but it is weird people think that.
Osama Bin Laden’s niece endorses Donald Trump for 2020 election
She even has a Trump onesie that she wears to bed
STFU: Victorians are owed your gratitude not your scorn
It’s proof that Australians can be xenophobic about anything.
Tony Abbott calls for more grandparents to die
He then started using QAnon talking points. Seriously
Steve Bannon arrested while onboard a 150-foot yacht for defrauding “We Build The Wall” charity scamola
Good news?! In 2020?!
Australia, we need to talk about America
What has the empire done for us

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