Our collective mental health is stuffed, and it’s more than just a medical problem
Are we doing this mental health stuff wrong
An immodest proposal from the Publisher of The Shot
So what do we do now
If our socks are made in terrible prison camps, why shouldn’t our books be, too?
Australia's profligacy on cruelty is a blow to the "business community"
Australian politics is slightly less fucked now
Requiem for a lost country
Scott Morrison is gone. Although he isn’t dead, something is gone all the same
Morrison was never Prime Minister
It's 2019 all over again, but this time around, the Bill Shorten is Scott Morrison
Who won the Potato Wars?
We should not get too schadenfreudy about this
How to make the “cost of living” debate less moronic
Well, as it turns out, this election is all about cost of living
The Nationals are just a bunch of denim-clad coal fondlers pretending to be farmers
This small party of malcontents has gripped Australia’s climate policy by the short and curlies for the last eight years
What News Corporation’s obsession with Nicki Minaj’s cousin’s friend’s ballsack teaches us about Scott Morrison
How fuckwits in power trick you into helping them by calling them out

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