Liberal MP reckons protestors should just “cool it” over this whole racism thing

As politicians and diplomats worldwide try to come to terms with the complexity of the matters fuelling violent protests across the United States, one Australian MP believes he has the solution.

Protests following the death of George Floyd at the hands of police have extended into a fifth night, but Liberal MP for Wentworth Dave Sharma thinks the protesters should just “cool it a little”.

The death of Floyd has pushed the institutionalised racism by police towards black people into the spotlight once again, so MP Sharma took the opportunity to share his views on the situation with Sky News.

He said the protests were fair enough to start with, but this is all getting “out of hand” and everyone should just relax.

Oh, and most of the protesters aren’t “legitimate” anyway, he reckons. Rather, the majority of those taking to the streets across multiple states are “anarchists” who want to riot for the sake of a protest.

Rather than worrying about trivial things like racism, Sharma says the protestors should be more concerned about how these riots will impact the image of the country where police can arrest a reporter for being black. “This doesn’t reflect well on the United States and it doesn’t reflect well on the citizens involved in it,” he explained.

To be fair to Sharma, he may or may not be under the impression that people are rioting over the death of singer-songwriter Boy George, which he appears to say rather than George Floyd on first mention. For the record, Boy George is very much still alive.

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