Eric Trump claims COVID-19 will dissapear if Democrats win election

You can relax everyone, turns out that international pandemic that has been causing entire countries to close and economies to collapse is all a big hoax orchestrated by every person on the planet to keep Donald Trump from getting re-elected. Or at least that’s the world Donald Trump’s son Eric seems to inhabit based on his recent comments to the media, in which he claimed that social distancing was a Democrat ploy and that the coronavirus would magically disappear in November.

Now yes, it would seem on first glance that if the Democrats were capable of manufacturing a virus, spreading it across the globe, and then puppeteering every national health organisation and research body in the world into reaching the same conclusion around health responses, it might be easier to just rig the election outright, but that’s the kind of logical thinking that gets you labeled a Democrat around the red-hat crowd.

Eric’s comments appear to be mirroring those of his father in February, who claimed the virus was almost gone and would vanish “like a miracle” in a matter of days. The United States has suffered over 90,000 COVID related deaths since then, more than twice the number of Americans that died in combat during the Vietnam war, and roughly 5 times the average annual death toll from the flu.

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