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I’m trying to welcome Dom Perrottet with open arms but holy cow it’s hard
You gotta have faith
Two Half Men: Morrison and Frydenberg play sleepovers through our waking nightmare
Sweet dreams.
George Christensen opened his stupid unmasked mouth again
He doesn't even go here
Channel 7 is a race-baiting horror factory
I won't be taking questions
Immigration Minister Alex Hawke has the power to return the Murugappan family to Biloela but not the balls
In the week since I last ranted at you, there have been developments in the saga of the Murugappan family’s
Stop asking the Morrison Government to give a fuck. They don’t.
If a deathly ill child doesn't tug the heartstrings, there are no heartstrings to tug
The long, long, long list of all the times that Scott Morrison has said ‘it’s not my job’
How doesn’t he find the time